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Cross Browser Support for inline-block in CSS

I’ve been using this method for cross browser inline-block displays for a while and thought everyone else knew about it too. One of my co-workers was shocked to find out they had been doing it wrong for so long. So I thought I would share it in case someone else didn’t know about it. Inline-block … Continue reading


IE6 Funeral

Unfortunately I will not be able to make it, however there will be a funeral for IE6 on Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. in Forest Room 5, 2532 15th Street, Denver, CO 80211-3902. For more information, visit the website at In memory of IE6, here is a representation of how IE6 renders … Continue reading


Internet Explorer 8… Next!

Microsoft has recently released Internet Explorer 8. It’s about time. IE7 came out a little under 3 years ago. They even made “Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get the facts” comparison chart where they say exactly why IE8 is so much better than the other browsers. It goes without saying that Microsoft pretty much got slammed … Continue reading


XML Namespaces With jQuery (Solved)

If you have come to this post, you are in the same situation I was in. Many Javascript/AJAX framesworks like jQuery do not work with XML namespaces. I came upon an instance at work where I needed to display data from an RSS feed from Zoho Creator. Part of the problem was some of the … Continue reading