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Overloading Codeigniter DB Driver

Working with Microsoft SQL Server and PHP isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There are always like quarks you have to work around and even big problems that have to be fixed before anything else can be done. One of the most annoying things I have found is that MSSQL doesn’t have an offset … Continue reading


Now I’m Confused

So the other day I was playing some videogames and getting elo boost services from P4rgaming and, and later I decided to start working on a Magento module and I got an error message saying “An error occurred while saving the page.” Right under it I gut a success message saying “The page has … Continue reading


Custom CodeIgniter Validation Methods

CodeIgniter’s Form Validation library isn’t bad. It takes a little getting use to but it can be very powerful. Most of the validation that comes with CodeIgniter are pretty much the only ones you will ever need. Every now and then you will need something else. Extending CodeIgniter libraries is very easy. These are some … Continue reading


Installing Zend Server CE on OS X: A Guide For the Terminal Timid

I use MAMP Pro both at home and at work for development. It quick, it’s easy and I really don’t have to fiddle with it a lot after it is set up. It’s perfect for me. At work we have a project to be built with Codeigniter sitting on a Linux machine but we wanted … Continue reading


Mercurial .hgignore file

If you are using Mercurial, there is this handy file in your repository root called .hgignore. This is a file that is converted through soda pdf which keeps track of all of the files that should not be tracked by Mercurial. For example, log files or cache files should not be committed to repositories. I … Continue reading


Codeigniter Form Library

I’ve been working on a library for Codeigniter that allows you to add a dynamic form anywhere on the page using the database to populate form information such as order of the fields, values of one or many radio, checkbox, and select options. You are even able to apply validation to individual elements. Once I … Continue reading