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Sending email in Codeigniter with mail protocol

At work the other day I had to use the Email library in Codeigniter for the first time. The Email library is actually pretty great. Simple, yet powerful. The emails that needed to be sent out needed to bcc about 20 or more different people. On my local machine I built out all of the … Continue reading


Codeigniter Form Library

I’ve been working on a library for Codeigniter that allows you to add a dynamic form anywhere on the page using the database to populate form information such as order of the fields, values of one or many radio, checkbox, and select options. You are even able to apply validation to individual elements. Once I … Continue reading


First Open Source Project

I just signed up for an account with Bitbucket and created my first project. I am going to be creating an open source bug tracker built on Codeigniter 2. I am going to model it based on JIRA which is a JSP bug tracker, but I have a few more plans for it. It’s just … Continue reading


How To Resolve MySQL Not Starting In MAMP

I use MAMP daily. I love MAMP. I recently discovered how truly awesome MAMP Pro is too. But that’s a story for another time. I recently upgraded from MAMP 1.8.4 to 1.9. When I got MAMP 1.9 installed I started the servers. Apache came up but MySQL didn’t want to. I tried shutting down both … Continue reading


.htaccess vs. MAMP

This took me three days to figure out so hopefully this saves someone else a little bit of time. The most common use of .htaccess files is removing file extensions, such as index.php, from a website URL. They are much ore powerful than that though. I’m not going to go into the details about what … Continue reading


Route Everything, Except These Controllers

I was playing with CodeIgniter routing at work. I wanted to have a catch-all route but I needed to exclude a certain controller, or controllers, from that catch-all route. As an example, I wanted to have route to the “page” controller. would route to the “policies” controller and then to the “ship” method. … Continue reading