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Cross Browser Support for inline-block in CSS

I’ve been using this method for cross browser inline-block displays for a while and thought everyone else knew about it too. One of my co-workers was shocked to find out they had been doing it wrong for so long. So I thought I would share it in case someone else didn’t know about it. Inline-block … Continue reading


IE6 Funeral

Unfortunately I will not be able to make it, however there will be a funeral for IE6 on Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. in Forest Room 5, 2532 15th Street, Denver, CO 80211-3902. For more information, visit the website at In memory of IE6, here is a representation of how IE6 renders … Continue reading


Image Load Event Binding With IE Using jQuery

I ran into a strange issue today. I wrote a plugin for jQuery that used the load events from jQuery attached to an image. This plugin worked perfectly in Firefox, Safari, and Opera on PC, Mac, and Ubuntu. The only browser that it had problems with was IE. I know. Completely unheard of right? I … Continue reading


Internet Explorer 8… Next!

Microsoft has recently released Internet Explorer 8. It’s about time. IE7 came out a little under 3 years ago. They even made “Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get the facts” comparison chart where they say exactly why IE8 is so much better than the other browsers. It goes without saying that Microsoft pretty much got slammed … Continue reading