Mac Seeing My Single Click As A Double Click

Logitech MX 620 Cordless Laser MouseI was having problems with my mouse. I have a Logitech MX 620 Cordless Laser Mouse on my home Mac OS X 10.6.1 Snow Leopard MacBook Pro that was upgraded from Leopard.

Many times, when I single left click, it decides to double click instead. The double click happens instantly like it sees my single click as a double click. This double click doesn’t happen all of the time. I checked all of the preferences and even deleted all Logitech preference files from the /Users/USERNAME/Library/Preference/ folder that started with “com.Logitech” and that didn’t help. So far the only thing that seemed to help was replacing the batteries. I’m still having the problem but not to the extent that I was before. This is causing a bit problems with I Sell Used Servers business and is forcing me to consider returning it.

I did a quick Google search and it turns out I’m not the only one havinng this problem. There was something posted to the Logitech Forums which just says they are having a problem. No resolutions so far. There is also a lengthy discussion on MacRumors which has shown that Leopard is not having this issue, only Snow Leopard. It also ruled out users who upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard. It also ruled out, then ruled back in, a Logitech driver issue.

So far, like I said, changing the batteries seems to work. I don’t know what the batteries have to do with the single vs. double click though. Sounds like a driver issue though. If it is an Apple issue, hopefully the 10.6.2 build will fix this. If it is a Logitech issue, I have my Logitech Control Center set to automatically update so now it is just a waiting game.

[Update 10/19/2009 @7:24 PST] Changing the batteries didn’t help for very long. It worked for maybe a day then went back to double clicking everything. I’ve been using my Mighty Mouse and it’s been working like a champ. So it looks like it is a Logitech driver issue.

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  1. Valentin says:

    Same problem on 10.5.8
    So it’s not only Snow Leopard problem

  2. Steve says:

    I have the same problem on 10.6.2 – any answers?

  3. Same problem here on one machine with two different Logitech mice. Double clicks all the time on single-click. My clunky old Microsoft wireless mouse works fine but the clicky wheel is driving me nuts. This didn’t start to happen until after a few 10.6 software updates though I can’t pinpoint it exactly.

  4. Jack says:

    I’m having this as well. But I am still on 10.5

  5. This still isn’t fixed. 10.6.2 didn’t fix the issue which leads me to believe it’s a Logitech issue. But there hasn’t been any Logitech driver updates in a while. I finally got tired of it all and gave my Logitech mouse to my friend. It’s useless to me. I am using the Magic Mouse now. I like it a lot but I miss the fast scroll wheel on the Logitech mouse.

  6. JerryPittsburgh says:

    I found this forum searching about the “double-click problem” … and I was searching about the topic because I began experiencing the same problem a couple of months ago with my Kensington mouse, running OS X 10.4.11 on a Power Mac G5.

    From what I’ve read so far, I’m coming to the conclusion that the problem is NOT with Logitech, NOT with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (as some have suggested) and NOT with Intel-based machines.

  7. Jeff says:

    I am having this problem on my pre-Intel G5 iMac, which is running 10.5.8. I’m using the white Apple mouse that came with it.

  8. Alan McCabe says:

    I am also having this problem. I thought it was my logitech mouse and so reluctantly went back to the mac mouse. It is still happening on some software with the mac mouse. I also use a tablet and it happens with that also. Driving me crazy.

  9. At work I use a Logitech Performance Mouse MX. At home I use a Magic Mouse. I went through a few different mice both at home and at work. Some work on one computer but not on the other. For example, the Mighty Mouse works at home but not at work. Maybe it has something to do with configuration or installed software?

  10. Art says:

    Seriously when is this going to get fixed? I want to buy some more software for my mac but this problem makes working with it so frustrating. How can they not know of this issue.

  11. Doddy says:

    same problem here,
    macbook pro SL 10.6.6, Logitech mice BT83
    changing mice don’t affect anything
    it just constantly drop the file i drag, can’t rename file, it keeps opening the file
    i’m trying to re-install my mac tomorrow after backing up my files.
    will let you know the result

  12. johnsonb says:

    I have the same problem with my mac 10.5.8 leopard. I recently upgraded to this from 10.3.9 older version. It’s frustrating as when I click on the top of the internet viewer it automatically double clicks and minimizes it… :/

  13. Jeff says:

    This is a retarded fix but what I do is I hold the mouse button for just a second when I want to single click. I’m on regular leopard 10.5.8 and it happens on both my macbook and my iMac. It happens directly after I double click on something and then single click in the same exact location that I did the double click on. Those mac programmers in cuppertino are stupid.

  14. Allen in Chicago says:

    It’s not just MAC machines. My MX620 mouse started the same weird undesired double-click behavior about 3 weeks ago during either a Logitech update, or a Windows 7 or IE9 update. Seems to be getting worse daily. None of the mice on other computers in the house display this behavior when connected (USB or Wireless). Only the Logitech MX620 has this issue. But, as many of you see if you do an internet search on the subject, the MX620 and many Logitech mice are exhibiting this “clicking” problem. The Logitech customer service people just give standard, canned answers that make no sense. Since Logitech thinks we’re not worthy of serious consideration, I’m shopping for an alternative brand of mouse that has a better reputation. Nothing from Logitech for a LONG time!
    -Allen in Chicago

  15. Kimon says:

    I’m having the same problem on 10.6.7 and a Logitech MX Revolution and Logitech software v 3.3.0. This really sucks!!!

  16. jen lorentzen says:

    i have a kensington mouse with a cord and have this issue also. i’m on 10.6.7 – no solutions yet.

  17. jen says:

    i have a kensington mouse with a cord and have this issue also. i’m on 10.6.7 – no solutions found yet.

  18. dthfrmabv says:

    Having this problem now. I don’ think it’s a driver issue. I’m using an Apple Magic Trackpad and I’m having a similar issue. I removed the MT as a bluetooth device and then added it again. I’ve gone throw System Prefs and played with various settings, I’ve restarted my computer. Nothing is working. Any ideas? Seems like it’s a persistent issue judging by the fact that there are posts here from 2 years ago.

  19. Krish says:

    I to have the same problem,if any one has the fix please let post the answer here.

  20. Tom says:

    I had the same problem. Logitech Performance MX mouse. Worked fine on windows 7 desktop, switched to macbook pro with Lion a few weeks back. Single clicks / doubleclick issue, terrible dragging, etc. Impossible to work with. I tried installing different versions of the Logitech Control Center, tried rebooting the System Management Coltroller, didn’t help.
    What solved it for me was installing USB Overdrive (http://www.usboverdrive.com/). This is a lovely little shareware program that solved all compatibility issues immediately. You can use the free version which includes a few annoying messages when you use it, or pay 17 dollars for the full version, which works like a dream.

  21. Jeff says:

    I think I just fixed the problem by going to: System Preferences>Accessibility>Mouse & Trackpad>

    And unbox the “Spring-loading delay” option.

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