Bike Riding Tips

I got a bike not that long ago. It’s not new. I bought it from someone. It’s been at least 8 years since I’ve been on a bike. I thought it would be fun to take out and ride. Get some fresh air while exercising. I took out out for the first time yesterday to ride it. I only rode about 3 miles. But I learned a few things during that time.

  1. Just because you hand grips are rubbery and soft, it’s still a good idea to buy riding gloves.
  2. Even the smallest hill is a pain in the butt to ride up. Thank God for granny gear!
  3. The lane that says “Bikes Only” is not really for bikes. It’s just a little bit of extra padding room for cars to drive before they hit the curb in case they aren’t paying attention to the road because they are talking on the phone or reaching for something under the seat. Labeling it “Bikes Only” I guess is just a way to shut up the tree huggers and “Save the planet because it’s the only one we got” kind of people.
  4. Poop before you get on the bike. The bumps from the road and the general vibrations will make you need to poop. So in order to allow you to ride for a longer period of time, take a poop before you get on the bike.

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