Internet Explorer 8… Next!

Microsoft has recently released Internet Explorer 8. It’s about time. IE7 came out a little under 3 years ago. They even made “Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get the facts” comparison chart where they say exactly why IE8 is so much better than the other browsers. It goes without saying that Microsoft pretty much got slammed for what they said in this comparison chart. I won’t go into it but you can read all of the verbal lashings they got on Digg.Even Webmonkey gave them a little bit of a lashing.

My question is, why? Why make that comparison chart? That chart won’t even be read my home users. And if they do read it, they won’t know what it means. The only people that will read it are developers that will of course rip it apart. So why would they want to set themselves up to be slaped in the face like that?

A lot of the comments are pretty funny. True, but also funny. They talk about IE’s slow Javascript engine, slow CSS engine, Favicons, developers tools, crash resistance and so much more. There were a few things I thought were funny. IE8 has full support for CSS 2.1, which is true for the most part. That’s great for Internet Explorer. But Firefox, Safari, and Chrome have been supporting it for around 2 years now. I even thought it was funny that HTML5 is rumored to be released later this year, will Microsoft have to go back to the drawing board with IE? Firefox won’t. They’ve already implemented a lot of HTML5. I believe Safari and Chrome has started as well.

After saying all of this, I do think you should download Internet Explorer 8 though. Even if you are on a Mac. I never said install it though. I downloaded IE8 on both of my Mac’s and my PC. I didn’t install it.

Microsoft has this thing going on where they will donate 8 meals to Feeding America for every download of Internet Explorer 8. You can read all about it here. So, please, download IE8. It’s a win-win situation. Microsoft get’s to boast about how many times IE8 was download (even though it wasn’t installed) and you make Microsoft donate 8 meals to feed the hungry.

[Update 12:49PM]: I just realized something. If you look at the source of “Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get the facts“, you will see IE specific hacks for IE7 and IE8. This contradicts their point on compatibility. Why would you need IE8 hacks if it is so compatible?

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  1. Razell says:

    i love Internet Explorer 8 because it is so much stable that the previous versions of IE. IE7 sometimes freezes and causes blue screens on my PC -

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