The Blob On My Ceiling

The other day I was in my kitchen drinking a protein shake after I finished my workout. As I was drinking I had my head tilted back. When I finished, I leaned my head back down. By chance I saw something strange on the ceiling in my dining room. I went into the dining room to have a closer look at it.

Apparently what had happened is the ceiling leaked. Since the ceiling was painted, the water got caught inside the paint and couldn’t go anywhere. The water kept building up and it made the paint droop because it has nowhere else to go. Eventually it got warm enough or enough time had passed that the water evaporated leaving the paint drooping with nothing inside of it.

I hadn’t noticed it before because it was on the back side of the ceiling fan. So from the living room all I could see was the ceiling fan. So I have no idea how long it had been like that.

It was almost as wide as a basketball and drooped down as tall as a football. It has since been removed.

Below are the pictures I took of it with my cell phone:





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