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.htaccess vs. MAMP

This took me three days to figure out so hopefully this saves someone else a little bit of time. The most common use of .htaccess files is removing file extensions, such as index.php, from a website URL. They are much ore powerful than that though. I’m not going to go into the details about what … Continue reading


Extending Template Parser

I am working on some stuff for work (yes, on the weekend) that uses the Codeigniter Template Parser class to display content with pseudo variables. I have a pseudo variable parser that allows me to call up a certain function from a certain helper file. To do this I would do something similar to this: … Continue reading


Route Everything, Except These Controllers

I was playing with CodeIgniter routing at work. I wanted to have a catch-all route but I needed to exclude a certain controller, or controllers, from that catch-all route. As an example, I wanted to have route to the “page” controller. would route to the “policies” controller and then to the “ship” method. … Continue reading