To the shores of Tripoli

Before the uprising in Libya, even though it is part of the Marine Corps Hymn, I really doubt most Marines knew were Tripoli was located. ‘To the shores of Tripoli’ in the Marine Corps Hymn stems from the Battle of Derne. It is the first recorded land battle fought overseas by the United States. It was after this battle that 1st Lt. O’Bannon was presented the Mameluke sword, which is still worn by Marine officers today.

More Marines are aware that ‘The Halls of Montezuma’ is from the Battle of Chapultepec, only because it is from this battle that we get the blood stripe that NCOs wear to commemorate the Marines that died during this battle. I doubt most Marines know that the Battle of Chapultepec was fought during the Mexican-American War were US forces fought Mexican forces holding Chapultepec Castle located west of Mexico City.

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