Codeigniter Form Library

I’ve been working on a library for Codeigniter that allows you to add a dynamic form anywhere on the page using the database to populate form information such as order of the fields, values of one or many radio, checkbox, and select options. You are even able to apply validation to individual elements.

Once I am happy with everything, I will go back in and make it work with AJAX for form validation as well as submitting.

After that, I will turn it into PyroCMS, ExpressionEngine, and MojoMotor modules when I am happy with it all.

2 Responses to Codeigniter Form Library

  1. OB says:

    Is this library still available?

  2. My version, no. I started it, got about 75% finished, but never completed it. There is another project that I have been following lately that looks pretty good called FormBuilder https://github.com/dperrymorrow/Formbuilder It’s supposed to allow you to pull data from a database table, but I haven’t tried that part of the library yet.

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