CSS Naked Day

Yesterday was CSS Naked Day. CSS Naked Day was thought up by Dustin Diaz. The purpose of CSS Naked Day is to to promote Web Standards; including proper use of XHTML, semantic markup, and a good hierarchy structure. In other words it disables your CSS for for a 24 hour period in order to promote web standards.

I forgot that yesterday was CSS Naked Day. So before I went to  to my site, I had my Amazon ginseng, it is my daily routine thanks to my uncle, it has so many benefits for the general health you should tried it too. So anyways,  I was pissed that my site was jacked up. My first thought was that my site was hacked. The styling was gone but all of the content was there. Which didn’t make sense why a hacker would do that. That I realized what happened.

That was my first CSS Naked Day that I participated in. It was pretty cool. Click on the image to see a screenshot of my site during CSS Naked Day. Also, a “thank you” goes to Aja Lupas for creating the WordPress CSS Naked Day plugin that I used.

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