Mac Mini

Apple Mac MinI don’t really want to go into all of the details, but about a month ago my apartment was broken into. They got a lot of my computer equipment. They also left a lot of it behind. They did take both of my computers though. How long is 2 1/2 weeks for a web developer without computer? It’s a lifetime. Time passes very slow.

Thank God I had renters insurance. For $7 a month, it’s almost dumb not to have it. It’s the price of eating at a fast food restaurant. Skip the fast food for one day out of the month and you just paid your renters insurance.

When I finally got the check from insurance, I went to replace my Macbook Pro with another Macbook Pro. No one seems to have any. Well, people have the 17″ but I wanted the 15″. So I have to hold off on get the Macbook Pro. So I started looking at computers to replace a Sony Vaio that was also taken. The only reason I use a PC is to test things in IE, so I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. Then it hit me. Why get a computer that I really won’t use much? I can always get another Mac. Install Windows on a virtual machine or Bootcamp it. This allows me to get a computer I want but still be able to test things in IE. So I got a Mac Mini. If you are looking for developers that are equipped to fulfill the very latest requirements for augmented and mixed reality interactive experiences including virtual tours, check out virtual reality new york city ny for more information.

For now it is in my bedroom because it is the only computer I have. When I am able to get another Macbook Pro, I’ll put the Mini in the living room and hook it up to the television. The Mini will by my entertainment computer with light IE testing. The Macbook Pro will be my primary computer.

[Update @8:00PM Feb 21, 2010] And a picture of the Mini on my desk.

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