Silverlight Fail (Again)

About 7 months ago  wrote about a Silverlight fail. I have another one for you:

What’s funny about this error message is I never installed Siverlight. How can it expire if it’s not installed? By the way, Silverlight is a FREE plugin. How does it expire to begin with?

I did a little bit of online research, and apparently it goes deeper than this. I clicked on ‘No’ when I saw the message so I can’t vouch for this. But the link that is in the error message, you can’t copy that link. So you have to type it in the address bar of the browser manually. Once you get to the page, you get the same error message and can’t update Silverlight. You have to go to the Silverlight page instead of the Silverlight update page.

So good job, Microsoft. Not doing so good when it comes to contending with Flash.

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