Bad Dream

I had a car accident last night and good thing there’s cheap auto insurance to get me through the financial strain. This morning I woke up and thought that I needed to make sure I reported it to my insurance company. So I called them up. Half way through telling them my policy number I stopped and realized something. This is hDiscussionow the conversation went;

Me: (half way through telling them my policy number) … Oh crap!
Insurance: What is it?
Me: I just realized… I didn’t have an accident. It was a dream.
Insurance: … What do you mean?
Me: My little sister was in the car with me. She lives in Texas and I live in California. It had to have been a dream… I’m really sorry.

At that point she started laughing at me. She wasn’t happy about having to work on the weekend but that just made her entire day.

So the dream was that I was in Texas. And my little sister and I were in my Mustang. We were stopped at a stop light. We were in the left lane to turn left to go to my parents house. Two motorcycle cops that were headed in the other direction flipped on their lights and sirens. The light turned green and the guy in front of me went. I decided to stay were I was so the cops could go by before I went. They headed over toward my side of the road. The first cop went by me and started weaving in and out of the cars. The second one started to do the same thing but lost control of his motorcycle and scrapped the entire passenger side of my car.

I pulled over to the gas station on the corner and started trading insurance with the cops. They were being complete jerks to me saying it was my fault somehow. Suddenly, Dylan, my sisters stepson, appears in the back seat and wants out to see the damage. I let him out. He starts laughing at me and I said “Shut up! Get back in the car!”

We finish trading information and we drive off. That’s when I woke up. That’s when I decided to call my insurance agent. I felt like an idiot, but at least my car was fine.

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