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When I upgraded my Mac from Leopard to Snow Leopard, the only thing that really changed for me was I had to updated a couple pieces of software or wait about a week for the software to be updated. There were two things that could not be updated. The first was a plugin called NuFile that I used to create new files and SCPlugin that I used for subversion. Both used the context (right click) menu. Unfortunately, Snow Leopard changed the way that context menus are done. Apple now wants software developer to use the services menu instead. So for now, both are dead in Snow Leopard.

To get around the NuFile problem of creating a new file, I am using QuickSilver to open the application and then save the file wherever I want it. Or saving the file to the desktop and dragging it into the folder where I want it. Not as quick as the context menu but it gets the job done.

As far as SCPlugin is concerned, I needed a subversion app right away. So I started downloading a bunch of them to see which one I liked the best. A lot of them didn’t run on Snow Leopard. The ones that did, they were too complicated and it annoyed me or they didn’t notify me if there was an update. Which is important to me. I don’t want to check for an update manually. I wanted the app to check for an update and then left me update it if and when I wanted. I liked svnX up until I wanted to add a folder with 4 levels of subfolders in it and one file inside of the last folder. I ended up having to add the folders one by one. So I dropped that right after that experience. Plus it was difficult to get to work with repositories that required a username and password. You would have to go to Terminal to accept the certificate.

Then I landed on Versions which everyone thinks is the greatest subversion app for the Mac. I tried it out. It was good. Much better than all of the other subversion applications I had tried previously.

CornerstoneThen I found Cornersone. It did everything Versions did, but it did it better and quicker. It has a very nice inline content viewer as well. It also felt smoother and more stable to me. It also plays nice with repositories that require you to log in with a username and password and also saves the information in the keychain. Both are about the same price (Cornerstone is only $1 cheaper). Now that I have Cornerstone and see its power, I don’t even see myself going back to SCPlugin even if/when they update to work with Snow Leopard.

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  1. rob says:

    Hello there,

    I am in a very similar situation to you so I was happy to read about this relatively niche problem from someone who has already done problem solving on it. Thank you for taking the time to document your experience. I’m largely moving over from Windows XP, where I do a lot of administrative and marketing work for our iPhone applications. We also use a password protected SVN, which we have hooked up to TRAC which runs password protected domain.

    For the first time, I have my own genuine mac (kinda weird but I’m ready) and while excited to be running Snow Leopard, I was a bit dismayed to find that SCPlugin was not yet supported. (though bless the hearts of that development group for having a roadmap anyhow!)

    When it comes down to it, I’d probably put up with a command line update / commit process. But if Cornerstone is as good as you say, we’ll probably have to pick up a license.

    Thanks again,


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