Visual Studio Express Download Fail

At work we use SharePoint for our site. Not by my choice though. I think it’s a bloated program that barely works the way it is supposed to. Well, today I decided to download Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 so that I could create webparts. Creating webparts involves me creating a .dll file and a couple other files that are basically XML formatted.

Since I can’t install Visual Studio on the Mac, I jumped over to my PC to download and install it. I got on the Microsoft site and clicked on the link to download the Express version. Broken link. Fine, I’ll download the trial. It’s good for 30 days and I won’t be using it for any more time that that. I clicked on the link to download it. Broken. I tried for 10 minutes to find a link that worked. All of them were broken links. I can’t download Visual Studio 2008 anywhere on the Microsoft site!

So I got irritated and jumped back over to my Mac. I decided to give it a shot on the Mac site just for fun. The exact same link that I clicked on to download it when I was on the PC I got a 404 error. On the Mac side, the download went through. It’s downloading on the Mac right now.

Then I thought that maybe in the time that I went from the PC to the Mac the link came back up. So I jumped back over to the PC to try to download it. The links are broken still. Apparently the only way I can download Visual Studio is if I am on a Mac.

Congratulations, Microsoft on a site well built.

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