Silverlight Fail

Before Microsoft released Silverlight, it was dubbed the “Flash Killer.” We all know that never even came close to happening. Most of the sites that switched over to Silverlight, eventually switched back to Flash.

If Microsoft wants people to take Silverlight seriously, they need to pay attention to the small details in order to draw people over. Case in point:

At work on Friday I was downloading all kinds of software so I cold make some custom SharePoint webparts. I ended up downloading close to 2Gb worth of software only to find out in the end that I needed to be on Windows Server 2003 or better to instal what I needed. So that was a little irritating but beside the point.

When I went to the SharePoint section on the Microsoft site I saw something strange. The SharePoint site was using Silverlight and had to load in the Silverlight file. It had a percent that was being loaded. That number was 4294967295%. Of course I laughed. I even took a screenshot of it.

Then I thought maybe the developer messed up and that was displaying the size of the file in bytes. But then that would mean that each of the files was about 400Mb. I’m also not sure why the navigation bar and the content area are both displaying the same number either.

Silverlight Fail

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