What Happened To The Me I Used To Know?

I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I don’t own anything of great importance. If I did then it was portable so I can skip town if I wanted. By skip town I don’t mean run from the police. I mean that if I want to re-invent my life, I can leave and start over again where no one knew me. I didn’t have anything in place that was stopping me.

I have no large furniture in my apartment, save the bed. I have a gym membership to 24Hour Fitness because they are all over the country. I own laptops because I can take them with me if needed. I have an account at Bank of America because they are also all over the country.

The beauty of the line of work I am in is the fact that people need my skills everywhere. I can work from home if I wanted. I could work for a company in America but live somewhere in Asia if I wanted.

So what happened to me? Why have I changed? When did I change?

About three months ago is when it all started. That’s when I bought a new car. I told myself a car is still portable so I can still leave if I wanted. I’d just have to take it with me. I’d still have to pay the payments though.

A week ago I got a dog. His name is Jackson. I always wanted a dog. A dog is a big responsibility!

I am even in the process of saving to get a motorcycle in the spring. I already have everything planned out what I want and what I am going to do to it after I get it.

So why the sudden change? Why am I doing all of this? I like starting over. Starting a new life. Sure, it’s a lot of work but I think it is fun.

I don’t feel any different. I feel the same. So why would I deviate from my norm? Is this what it is like to start growing up? Growing up is scary! I don’t want responsibilities. I want to live my life the way I want to and not have restrictions.

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