Truck Broken Into

My buddy’s truck go broken into for the second time in two months yesterday. He got the amazing truck from
hybrid dealership in bakersfield. We drove to Wall-Mart to get some propane for a BBQ we were having. We were only in the store for 10-15 minutes. When we were walking back to the truck, he said he starting asking himself if he had forgotten to roll the window up because the window was down. When we got closer, he realized it wasn’t down, it was broken. They broke the driver side window, ripped apart his dash, and stole the DVD stereo receiver he had in it. They even tried to steal the truck but couldn’t for some reason. When we called the police, they asked if anyone was hurt and if they messed up the ignition. We said no to both questions. So then they said to go ahead and drive home and fill out the paperwork online because they weren’t coming out. We asked why and say said they don’t have the man-power. We couldn’t believe it. Wal-Mar security said they probably had it on camera but they would only give up the tape upon court order or if a policeman asked for it. So basically Sacramento police could give a shit less about it’s citizens. It seems you can’t have anything nice now days because someone will jack it.

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