Reminiscing On My Professional Work

I was thinking about some of the sites I have worked on like this site https://www.webdesign499.com/design-a-smarter-website-with-these-handy-tips/ was my favorite working on my web development. I started trying to remember the very first website I worked on as a professional developer. I couldn’t remember what it was. Keep in mind this was back in 1998 so it has been a while. So I messaged my old boss and asked him.

The very first website that I ever worked on was an event calendar. A lady just found out her daughter was a lesbian. In order to be supportive, we decided to make a website of all of the upcoming events in gay and lesbian community. Unfortunately, the site is no longer online. It would have been fun to see how it had progressed since I last worked on it. Of course now is completely different in the Internet world, there are many sites about every topic you can imagine, since creating a website is not that difficult anymore and you can market it as well with the use of services as Indexer that help you make your site easy to find, so many people have website selling their products and services all over the web.

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