My Dog Is A Ninja

Or maybe he is a magician. I haven’t decided yet.

I take my dog for a walk first thing in the morning when I wake up and right after I get home from work. Sometimes before I go to sleep. I do this because if I don’t, he’ll pee and poop everywhere in my apartment. He’s a little dog. He has a small bladder!

In California you have to pick up after your dog. So after your dog poops, you have to pick it up with a little bag and throw it away. I have noticed something very strange lately.

Sometimes my dog will be in the middle of pooping and I reach in to my pocket to get the bag. By the time I look up he has just finished. Great timing I guess. But as I bend down to pick it up, suddenly it’s gone. No sign of poop anywhere.

Just so you know, no he is not eating it. When he finishes pooping, he doesn’t stick around. When he is done he is ready to go to the next tree to pee on it. So where does the poop go? Good question! I still have no idea.

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