I Think My Dog Is Retarded

Ok, maybe retard is taking it too far. Maybe he’s just an idiot.

I just took my dog for a walk. It’s 6pm so it’s already dark outside. I’m walking him and he stops to sniff something. He does that all the time so I don’t think anything about it. After a few seconds he starts rolling around on the ground where he was just sniffing. He’s never done that before. What is he doing? He stops. Sniffs it again and starts rolls around in it again. Now I’m curious as to what it is. So I bend town to figure out what it is. I can’t figure it out so I pull out my phone so the screen can shine on it.

That’s when I see it. My dog was just rolling around in some other dogs poop! What is wrong with my dog? Why can’t he be normal and sniff it an continue on with life?

So I had to give him a bath after we finished the walk, which he didn’t like at all. Crazy dog!

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