CrystalTech Support

I decided to shut down my site and start from the ground up. The site was about 4 years old and was in need of a redesign. So I decided to make it a blog. In the blog I cold put all my source code and everything else I wanted to do.

My site was on a Coldfusion 7 server. So I requested that my host, CrystalTech, move it to a Coldfusion 8 server. I submitted the form and it said it would take up to 24 hours. After I woke up the next day I was excited to start working on the site. The problem was, after 31 hours, they still hadn’t moved it to the new server. So I submitted a ticket asking what the issue was. Apparently they never got the request. I have trouble believing this because I got the confirmation email that the request was submitted. So I had to resubmit the request and wait another 24 hours in order to start working on the site.

Ever since CrystalTech got bought up by Newtek, their server has really gone downhill. Every time I request something to be done, I have to stay on them to make sure they do it. Otherwise they mess it up somehow.

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