Body Fat Test (aka Exactly How Fat I Am)

I have the stats of my body fat testing. Let’s start with my height. I am 5’7″ tall. I currently weight 159.6 pounds. On the printout I have it says 159. I guess they round down to make people feel better. The actual fat on my body weighs 28.779 pounds. Lean body mass is 130.221 pounds. My biceps I have 8% fat on then. Which pretty dang good. My triceps have 7% fat on them. Again very good. I can’t remember exactly how much fat is on my back and sides. It’s not on the printout I have. But my overall body fat percentage is 18.1%. This is much higher than I thought it was. I thought I was around 14%. So I have some work to get myself down to where I would like to be. Overall I am in the “acceptable” category according to 24Hour Fitness. 18% body fat is at the very beginning of the “acceptable” category. I would like to get to the beginning of the “athletic” category. To be honest with you though, 18% body fat is nothing to cry about. It’s actually pretty dang good.

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