Access Remote Database On Mac With DB Solo

I’ve worked on Windows all of my life. About 6 months ago I finally got tired of Vista so I decided to buy a Mac. For the first couple of months I didn’t do much with the Mac because I didn’t have all of the programs I needed for it. As of today I think I have finally fully switched over.

One of the things I needed most for the Mac was a program similar to SQL Server. Not so I can use it for my local database testing. For local databases I use MySQL. I needed it so I can remotely make updates and changes to my databases.

Yesterday I found a program called DB Solo. Today I bought a license for it. It was only $99.

DB Solo allows me to connect to many different types of databases like MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL, and more. I can manually drop tables, create tables, and even run queries against the database.

Now I am hoping to make some changes and updates to my website.

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