Victory Point

Victory PointI just ordered a book for myself and my family. This is the story of my unit, 2/3, during Operation Red Wings and Operation Whalers in Afghanistan in 2005. Be sure to order your copy!

Also be sure to visit the website for the book as well.

“This is how our grunts fight in Afghanistan. As you read, you will be exhausted, and above all, proud that these dauntless men guard our country.” – Bing West, National Bestselling Author

VICTORY POINT recounts the amazing story of the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Marine Regiment (2/3) during Operations Red Wings and Whalers in the summer of 2005, where the Marines ultimately destroyed a ruthless Taliban- and Al Qaeda-linked insurgency cell led by a terrorist named Ahmad Shah.
Little has been comprehensively written about Red Wings, and virtually nothing has been disclosed or written about Operation Whalers, the subsequent mission, which yielded a vastly different outcome than that of Red Wings.

Semper Fi!

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