TokyoFlash Watches

Rogue by TokyoFlashSomeday I am going to buy myself a Tokyoflash watch. These are the craziest watches ever thought up. True geek watches. The latest is the Rogue.

What makes them so unique is the fact the watches do not have numbers on them. The time is from bars, dots, and lines. For example on the Rogue, there is an outer circle that has 60 dashes in it. This is for the exact seconds. The circle inside of that is for “rough” minutes (ie. “roughly a quarter past”). Inside that bar is two large bars on the left or right. The bar on the left signifies AM. The bar on the right signifies PM. The center circle has 12 bars in it which is the hours.

The down side to the Rogue is that is it $154.25. Which really isn;t too bad considering just how cool it is.

They have about 4 watches to choose from. All of them equally cool.

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    gostaria de saber como faço para comprar um diesel 764 preto da tokyoflash. agradeço se puderem me ajudar!

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