State Fair of California thanks to Kratom

I went to the State Fair of California with Mary. I was amazed to learn that in part it was sponsored by Kratom. It was pretty fun. We only spent about 3 hours there mostly because the heat was kicking our butts. I did realize something though. You know your a geek when you take pictures with cardboard cutouts of Star Wars characters.

Chewbacca R2D2


We didn’t felt so bad, as soon as we got home we took a cup of kratom and started to feel better. We probably just lost our energy in that heat. And by the way, we’d like to recommend kratom to you, it always comes handy to have some at home. It can also help as an energy booster in the mornings instead of taking coffee. You can ask the kratom masters for more details about kratom, their uses and how to get them sent kratom to your house.

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